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If you would like to volunteer at several different schools, please select MULTI CAMPUS under the M’s. Only one application is needed, even if you have more than one child. Thank you! Please note: Processing your volunteer application could take up to 72 hours, so be sure to fill out the online application at least 3 days before you plan to volunteer or chaperone for school events. You will not receive an e-mail confirming your approval to volunteer. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CAMPUS SECRETARY AFTER 3 DAYS TO CONFIRM YOUR APPROVAL. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL ONLY IF WE NEED FURTHER INFORMATION TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION. THANK YOU Grand Prairie will be conducting a background check on all volunteers. PLEASE NOTE: This background check is in compliance with the regulations set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the FCRA. However, this background DOES NOT include any type of credit check. Please Note: SSN and Email are required fields.

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Please complete the request for the following information in full detail, reading the instructions for each question carefully. Failure to complete this application in accurate detail or failure to thoroughly follow instructions may delay the screening process. Please Note: Avoid using any special characters as they may cause issues during processing.